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number 1Different Types of Non-emergency Medical Transport

There are various reasons why a patient may require professional help with transportation. Some of the reasons are that:

  • A patient who has a wheelchair that can get in a standard car.
  • A patient using complex or large medical equipment like a ventilator.
  • A patient who needs to be continuously monitored while traveling.

There are different kinds of transportation vehicles and it’s important that you get the right one since the patient’s safety and health is at risk. It also matters if budget is a concern. Sometimes, patients are paying more than what they really need. To give you an idea, there are a variety of vehicles that can be used for non-emergency medical transportation. The differences among these vehicles are the medical equipment included and the qualifications of the staff.

You may need one of five main types of vehicle:

1) Wheelchair van – Perfect for wheelchair-bound patients who require an escort or aid when walking but no other medical care is needed.

2) Basic Life Support – Needed by patients who need more aid, like regular monitoring and administration of oxygen.

3) Advanced Life Support – For patients who require more intensive or serious medical assistance like EKG monitoring. They are often accompanied by an EMT, paramedic and a variety of specialized medical equipment.

4) Critical Care – For patients that should be administered by ventilator or pump. A paramedic who is trained in critical care is on board.

5) Bariatric – Furnished with a broader Bariatric cot so it can carry patients who weigh more than 300 pounds and need a wider stretcher.


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You must pay in advance no exceptions. Your insurance can pay you back.

85.00 Each way is paid by credit card. We would then like you to make a claim on your insurance to get paid back.

yes, you can just ask in advance.

In most markets, direct billing is not available. However, in certain situations and depending on frequency and volume of use it may be possible to provide. You will need to call the individual market for further details and availability. Most of the time we would accept a check in advance for several moves.843-655-5550

No we can not please call 911.

We are part of the largest US network of NEMT .

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Yes, we would never leave anyone.

Yes, we do as long as they pay first with a credit card or check. Then submit your payment to your credit card company.

We understand your plans may change, so we offer a very simple cancellation policy. Regardless of whether you made your reservation online, via mobile app, or by dialing our 843-655-5550 number, just give us 24 hours notice prior to your pickup time. Just let us know of your new date and plans. View the complete Cancellation policy here Terms and Conditions.

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With a stretcher yes with a wheelchair no.

No, you must use a stretcher. We can maybe help you with a step or 2 but you should be outside waiting in the wheelchair.

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You pay on a credit card first, then you are paid back by your insurance in most cases.

24/7 email [email protected]  . The fax Number is 800-860-1635. Phone is 843-655-5550 we are located at certain hospitals with an office.

85.00 Each way is paid by credit card. We would then like you to make a claim on your insurance to get paid back.

We pick up wherever you are 24/7. Home, Office, and Doctors, and we even do things like take you to a party, church, etc. We do door-to-door service.